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Age: 23
Height: 5'8"
Dick Size: 6.5"

Hello to my new friends at PeterFever! I come from beautiful Tokyo and my name is Higaken. I like having sex with men and sometimes women, but to the public I dentify myself as a straight boy. But since I have started shooting male porn videos in Japan and really enjoying it, I can't just go back to being an ordinary straight boy again. I love muscle men, and fucking goodlooking muscular bottoms is my favorite. I hope you enjoy watching me stroke more in member area

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Jiu Jitsu Jerkers

Jiu Jitsu Jerkers 08 Sep 2020

Amateur Base-Ballers
Yukata Boyz

Yukata Boyz 05 May 2020

Horny Hairy Higaken

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Higaken & Kaoru

Higaken & Kaoru

08 Sep 2020
Higaken & Yusaku

Higaken & Yusaku

26 May 2020
Fuji & Higaken

Fuji & Higaken

05 May 2020


28 Apr 2020