Postcards From Brazil 8: Hot Tub Hunks

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Up on the roof with Rio's iconic Christ the Redeemer statue glaring down from Sugarloaf, Hanry relaxes in an afternoon hot tub. Ebony Latin stud Vitor Guedes stretches out in an adjacent lounge, checking out the bulge in Hanry's teeny bikini. Hanry shields his eyes from the tropical sun to catch a glimpse of Vitor tugging his tool. He steps out of the tub to take Vitor's mahogany monster out of his yellow briefs and swallow it whole. Straddling Vitor's muscular chest, Hanry gets his ass eaten while he sucks. They stand to stroke their cocks together.

Bracing against the stairway, Hanry spreads his legs and gets Vitor's thick assrammer drilled inside his hungry hole. They take it inside to Vitor's kitchen, where he slams his love muscle raw and rough into Hanry's booty. Holding Hanry by the shoulders, he pumps that hole full of all the cock it can take. Hanry kneels in front while Vitor milks a sticky splash out into his face and gaping mouth. Then he pays Hanry a return favor, taking the hot twink's creamy wad across his mustached face.