Postcards From Brazil 3: The Naked Barber

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Hanry sends a card to his haircutter in LA that he needs a haircut in Brazil and found a hot naked barber. Pierced and bearded Rafael Zorzella shows up at Hanry's hotel room and seats him in a desk chair. He strips down, just to be comfortable. He suggests Hanry should try it as well. Hanry eyes Rafael with a thirsty stare, and Rafael grinds his crotch into Hanry as he works his way around trimming. Hanry rubs his crotch and finally pulls Rafael's dick out of his jock to suck it.

Rafael gets a hold of Hanry's oversized tool and starts jerking. Kneeling in front of the "barber chair" he slurps down every inch of the Asian mix stud's smooth shaved cock. The lean-muscled barber lies back on the bed for Hanry to suck his cock-ringed dick, then his tight-muscled ass. Hanry slides his cock in to the hilt, raw and rough. Drizzles of lube drip down Rafael's crack as his hole opens to Hanry's relentless slamming. He kneels squatting just inches above Hanry, grinds his butt down onto the stiff pole. Hanry pulls out just in time to coat the naked barber's throbbing asshole, breeds his cum back inside.