No Sleep At Hotel In and Out: Phantom Vacuum

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Shen Kaito checked in to a nice hotel to get a good night's sleep on his trip. But as he dozes off, a knock at his door leads to a session that shows this nice place is a "Hotel In and Out" with raw, juicy sex spilling over into every room. Tall musclestud Zario is from housekeeping, there to look for a vacuum that he thinks he left there. Shen spots the head of Zario's oversized XXL cock peeking out of his shorts and this nighttime visit takes on a whole different direction.

Shen grabs Zario's cock and chows down. The "housekeeper" pulls off his hoodie and drops his drawers to fuck that huge piece down sleepy Shen's cockhungry throat. Shen poses on hands and knees on the bed and Zario dives in for a hot lick of his sweet ass. Once it's dripping wet with spit and lubed up, he kneels behind and drives in bareback. Shen rides his big cock on the bouncing hotel bed, gets plowed in every position studfucker Zario can think of. When Zario wraps his arms around the horny bottom and races toward a juicy squirt, Shen lifts his legs and groans with pleasure. Zario pulls out in the nick of time to shower Shen with a hot splatter of cum, leans in to give him a deep kiss before he moves on to the next room to search for that phantom vacuum.


Love to see Chinese made love in video.