SexPig Game, PeterFever's Gay Squid Game parody, Episode 4

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"Evens or Odd Balls"

The Guard (Nolan Knox) has made a secret deal to tell Player 69 (Dane Jaxson) what's coming next in the SexPig Games, in exchange for a clandestine hookup of hot, dirty sex. Lucky for both young Asian studs the next game is "Evens or Odds" with a set of marbles, and the clever Guard is coaching Player 69 in a very seXXXy way. Brandishing a set of anal beads, he will insert a number of them up 69's hungry hole and have him guess even or odd. After a couple tries, 69 gets it wrong EVERY time. (Or does the Guard just tell him he fucked up?)

"You're really BAD at this," the Guard mentions, and 69 responds "I never WAS good at math!" So the Guard uses a set of giant beads to give him a better chance to get it right. The two fuckhungry horndogs finally give up trying and put one big hard bareback cock into one dick-starved hole. They fuck like crazed beasts, and once the Guard has sprayed his sperm, he jokes with 69 post-coitum. Sticking his big nuts up 69's ass he quips "Got both my balls up there--evens!" 69 is wising up to the game and smartly responds "I feel your dick up there too. Odds--I win!" as they kiss and snuggle before the last big game.


Lovely hole rimming. Great bareback fucking. These two models are great.

Totally made my fantasy come true! Danejaxson and Nolan Knox!!

Totally made my fantasy come true! Danejaxson and Nolan Knox!!

Thank You PeterFever for making my ultimate BL fantasy come true! Dane and Nolan are amazing!