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Tryin' Out Ryan

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Built Asian Superman Axel Kane whips off his shirt and pants to get a juicy blowjob from edgy tatted horndog Ryan Fields. Slurping down Axel's love muscle, Ryan's a ready volunteer to give up his hole to the big guy. Bracing his hands against the headboard, Axel stands and fucks his piece far into Ryan's moist throat. Not neglecting the nuts, Ryan slobbers onto Axel's ballsack between bouts of deepthroat action. Axel wants more, pulls Ryan's undies off as the slides his buddy down the bed and into fuck position. With one leg crooked over Axel's shoulder and the other wrapped around his waist, Ryan welcomes a deep tough dicking.

Ryan's pale cheeks jiggle as Axel slams into his hungry hole. He moans out a constant chorus of "Ohhh... yesss... ahhhh" as his ass is pounded full of prime Asian tube steak. Axel finds a spot that he loves and speeds up his plowing. Ryan's dick is painfully stiff, he starts beating it to relieve the fuckhungry ache. Axel's nuts slap against his crack and his dick drills in balls deep. Ryan's balls pull tight, getting ready to squirt out their juicy reward. Axel goes deeper and fucks the load out of Ryan. He pulls out and adds his sperm to the sticky puddle on Ryan's alabaster white belly.