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Testing Axel's Boundaries

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PeterFever favorite Asian muscleman, Axel Kane is hanging on the bed with lean, sexy "gay for pay" Bobby Owens, breaking the ice by answering a few questions from the director. When he finds that Axel's big hangup is that he can't imagine ever taking a dick up his ass, Bobby fondly remembers the days when he had those boundaries. Now he's up for anything. Bobby's intent on taking Axel out of his comfort zone, so this should be fun to watch. They begin kissing (which used to be one of Axel's no-nos) and pulling off each other's shirts and shorts. "You don't suck dick so I guess I have to suck yours," Bobby says with a grin, and goes right to work. Axel grabs the back of his head and guides him down to the stubbly pubes.

When Bobby gets on all fours and sticks his booty up, Axel's happy to give his butt a quick kiss and plow in bareback. Bobby bumps his booty back into Axel's hard thrusts. Bobby's curly hair bobs around from the force of their hard manly assfuck. Just the sound of Axel slamming against Bobby's tight muscle butt shows he's enjoying this. He pins back Bobby's legs, climbs onto the bed for a tighter screw. "Fuck the straight out of me," Bobby taunts with a mischievous smile. Axel shoots onto Bobby's tight abs and licks it up, then the young stud squirts his own sticky puddle as Axel leans in to kiss him. No major boundaries broken, but boy did Axel have fun!


I would love to see Axel Kane get fucked...

Tom of Finland showed gay men acting gay and having lots of gay sex with passion and joy. The men in his illustrations were proud of their lifestyle and dove right in. His men didn't have wives they cheated on with the hired help. Tom's men had healthy, robust sex with each other and they are still the models to whom we aspire. They are the standard of homosex for these reasons. -rgo

I agree, the "gay for pay" thing is way overemphasized here and sort of creepy. The guys are all doing it for the money, but they get hard, they cum, and we don't care whether they're "really" straight when they're off-camera. I guess straightness is supposed to be some sort of fantasy or turn-on, but gayness is accepted now, and imagining that the guys are "straight" isn't really that exciting any more. And then at the beginning, Axel talks about his limits as a straight guy and how he doesn't want to bottom, and they talk about pushing his boundaries - and then he doesn't bottom. So the whole discussion is pointless and misleading. But other than the dialog at the beginning, it's a good scene.

This gay-for-pay theme is getting really old quickly and, frankly, I hope you’d stop featuring Axel this way. As gorgeous as Axel might be, he isn’t THAT interesting and he should stop doing gay porn if this is making him uncomfortable. More importantly, I personally believe this is the wrong marketing approach, as you will probably end up alienating your gay audience after a while, especially if we had to keep on hearing how Axel isn’t gay, Axel won’t do this and that, etc. etc. every time! Maybe it’s time to tone it down a bit?

Um... love Axel; just a gorgeous man... but where is the boundary testing? Based on the title and description I was expecting Axel to be trying something that he never really did before. Not the case. Just a standard, bottom gets him hard and he fucks him until he cums. Video itself is fine, just a fat lie in the expectation.