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Axel Shakes His Moneymaker

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The camera guy sweet talks muscular Korean-mix bodybuilder Axel Kane out of his t-shirt, shorts and finally gets him to drop his undies to show off that virgin ass with a saucy little shake. He's gonna put that hot round booty to good use someday, but today's all about his dick. Axel lies back with a winsome smile and starts working and jerking.

His thick, cut dick is up and stiff in a flash, and his whole body flexes and muscles ripple and tense with the hot sensation. Axel's beating hand speeds up as he watches his cock and nuts pull up tight into firing position. Sensing a big load welling up in his balls, he stands and rubs his perfect body with the other hand as his dicksplosion works its way to the surface. Sitting with his legs wide open and shoulders on a pillow he catches one last breath."Ahh, I'm gonna CUM!" he whispers, then pumps out a volley of creamy man juice. "Fuck that was hot!" Axel commends himself for a jerk job well done.



Axel bottoming (bareback) would be an awesome Xmas present ;-)

so glad to see one of my favorite actors back on this site.

Love Axel Kane; he is just a BEAUTIFUL man!! Would love to see him start Barebacking all the hotties on here.