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Courtesy of PeterFever East, we get to watch the epic clash of two of the hottest, edgiest models Japan has to offer, tatted hipster Yusaku and dick-hungry kinkster Yoshi Kawasaki. When Yusaku's big cock meets Yoshi's insatiable hole, sparks will fly. Coming home from the traditional Matsuri festival the guys reminisce and compliment each other. Though they left early, the celebration is not over yet as the two horny studs decide to 'dance' their own Matsuri.

Clad in bright robes and twisted headbands, the two Asian horndogs get down to the main event. Yusaku starts nibbling on Yoshi's sensitive pierced nips, and gets a hot blowjob in return. All that covers their dicks and asses are the traditional fundoshi loincloths, and they present no problem in yanking to the side and getting to the throbbing meat inside. Yusaku's pierced Prince Albert cockring is a turnon to edgy Yoshi, who sports a pierced septum and a nasal bridge piercing between his eyes.

Yoshi's thick strong legs and muscular buttcheeks are just as potent to Yusaku, who can't wait to ram his prick inside his kinky buddy. Yoshi's cock is so hard it's nearly vertical, the perfect angle for Yusaku to grab and swallow. Once they doff their duds Yusaku runs his split tongue up Yoshi's hairy ass and sucks hard. He slathers Yoshi's hole with sticky lube and presses his raw cock in to the root. After doggy style humping, Yoshi turns onto his back and wraps his legs around Yusaku. He holds him by the nips and plows in fast. Hole dripping precum and lube, Yoshi grinds his cockstarved ass onto Yusaku's thick bare tool. They separate and beat off, with Yoshi cumming first onto his tatted belly and Yusaku shooting a creamy geyser before giving his Matsuri buddy a sweet kiss goodnight.


The guys were cute and had some genuine passion when fucking. However, all of the piercings and the split tongue are just NOT for me. I know Covid, has affected everyone, but I think I would rather see the site go on Hiatus, than suddenly see a guy with a split tongue. I feel like that is something that would be on a specialty KINK site. I truly hope others enjoy this video. The actors were genuine in their passion I felt.