Postcards From Brazil

Welcome to Brazil! Thai hunk Travis Yukarin and his sexy half-Japanese, half-Brazilian boyfriend Hanry are leaving for the vacation of their dreams. Hanry lives with Travis in L.A. as an exchange student, and is excited to show Travis his home country. Of course this is a PeterFever style Gaycation, so Travis is going to find all types of "distractions" as he runs into hot men at every corner. And for Hanry, a trip home is also an opportunity for him to get reacquainted with the local men...up close and personal! Join Hanry and Travis for a vacation you'll never want to leave in "Postcards From Brazil."

Release Date: 03 May 2022

Actors: Christian Hupper, Eduardo Menzorra, Travis Yukarin, Hanry Onlyjapa, Vitor Guedes PF, Daniel Toro, Petrick Garcia, Marcello Wiliam, Davi Paixao, Miguel Baiano, Rafael Zorzella