The Devil Made Me Do It

When Nolan Knox decides to tie the knot with Dan After Dark, best man Alfonso Osnaya accidentally throws a wrench in the works, hiring a stripper in a devil mask (Jessie Lee) to entertain Nolan the night before his wedding. Jessie does more than entertain, giving Nolan a night to remember. The fun doesn't stop there, though. With devil mask in tow, Jessie sucks and fucks his way through the wedding party, bedding both grooms and their best friend. When asses open and dicks come out, not a single person is safe from all the ball-draining action this unconventional wedding has to offer. Is Jessie really just a stripper or is he something more infernal? One thing can be said for sure...'The Devil Made Me Do It'!

Release Date: 25 Jan 2022

Actors: Alfonso Osnaya, Dan After Dark, Jessie Lee, Nolan Knox