The Apartment

It's bad enough when you move into a new place and have to deal with mail that still comes for the old tenant. Imagine hot Asian stud Jeremy Vuitton's frustration when he finds that the former tenant of his apartment was an oversexed slut with a horny group of fuckbuddies, and they're all showing up "looking for Chris"! Jeremy does his best to take care of them, as only a a sexy Asian guy with a luscious juicy mouth and a tight, hungry ass can. Join Jeremy and surprise visitors hunky muscle daddy Hans Berlin, edgy tatted Matthew Grande, dark and hung Jordan Jameson, and perfect blond cutie Zak Bishop in this cum-dripping 'comedy of errors". Next time YOUR doorbell rings, will it be a horny stud who just needs some relief and carnal entertainment? Only if you're as lucky as Jeremy!

Release Date: 21 May 2021

Actors: Jeremy Vuitton, Zak Bishop, Jordan Jameson, Matthew Grande, Hans Berlin