Wild Classroom

American public schools were never THIS much fun! From PeterFever East comes the horniest new idea in boys' education, Wild Classroom. When Mr. Yowei steps into class to announce he's taking over for absent Mr. Duncan, the students know they're in for a hard semester, but it turns out to be a hot, hard and juicy one their dicks will never forget. Yowei has a great eye for nubile young male flesh, and dangles rewards and punishments in equal measure. Funny that the good boys and the bad boys all end up getting the same treatment after class, and Yowei gets all the dick he can handle! It's fun and XXXtra exciting, filmed on location in Asia with an all-Asian cast! You'll agree that director Duncan Ku has really outdone himself with this hot new series...

Release Date: 13 Apr 2021

Actors: Yowei, Don, Fu, Hen