The Jockstrap

What can be hotter than that staple of gym workouts and locker rooms, the jockstrap? It's not just there to support your junk in the gym, but it's steamy hot sexwear as well, as our stellar cast of Asian porn studs and their muscleboy fuckbuds prove. Join Hotaru Merced, Travis Yukarin, Gavin Winters, David Ace, Dominic Pacifico and Leo in this smoking, cum-spurting gay Asian porn-stravaganza.

And what makes this even better is that it's PeterFever's first all-bareback sex series! Our studs go from the gym floor to the showers, then straight to bed to fuck asses, suck dick and rim holes with no condoms. Having sex skin to skin, nothing comes between their hard, horny bodies but a hot, sweaty jockstrap or two!

Release Date: 26 Oct 2019

Actors: David Ace, Leo Alexander, Hotaru Merced, Gavin Winters, Travis Yukarin, Dominic Pacifico