The Black Panda

The series starts with the Black Panther/King of Rakanda (Osiris Blade) going to Wakamono, Japan, in search of the City of Youth and a rare substance called Peckeranium, which is said to extend life and give power. He finds the headquarters of the mysterious Black Panda (played by Alex Chu), who is defended by his two Panda brothers (Levy Foxx and Ken Ott). If he wants to trade his Vibranium for the Peckeranium, he needs to eat their cumloads and perform an ancient panda ritual that involves being buried in an avalanche of sperm while going under. Meanwhile, two American CIA agents have been spying on them and they too want the secret splooge to make President Crump live forever. It's a battle between hard cocks and willing asses as the cast of superstars fight for the ancient prize.

Release Date: 17 Apr 2018

Actors: Alex Chu, Osiris Blade, Levy Foxx, Ken Ott, Sean Duran, Bryce Evans