The Reunion

Starring: Armond Rizzo, Tex Holcum, Rave Hardick, Snowy, David Ace, Alex Chu, Jay and Kai. In "The ReUnion," we bring you a collection of gay college frat boys that have been invited back to a home in Los Angeles where they first went to College, for their five year Reunion. The two organizers, Tex Holcum and David Ace, are the first to come to the house they rented out for the weekend where they "Christen" the house by having sex in front of a cross. What follows is a lot more sexy fun as veteran stars such as Armond Rizzo and newbies like Alex Chu and David Ace arrive and relive their wildest memories and live out their sexual fantasies on each other!

Release Date: 14 Apr 2017

Actors: Rave Hardick, Armond Rizzo, Alex Chu, Snowy, David Ace, Tex, Kai