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The Asiancy Season 9

The Asiancy is back! In Season 9, Coda can't cope with his marriage while Diego is away. Fortunately for him, his husband sends over a trick to ease Coda's throbbing cock. Meanwhile, a new couple arrives at The Asiancy in order to spice up their relationship; Michael Cummings and Austin Keyes. The spice is so hot they can't help fucking each other first just thinking about it! Eli Lewis also gives new Asiancy model Owen Michaels a "very warm" welcoming. Jessie Lee welcomes athletic stud Sean Duran for a hot fuck session. And finally all the Asiancy boys in the house get "acquainted" with each other. Join their hot sexual adventures in the Asiancy Season 9!

Release Date: 11 May 2015

Actors: Sean Duran , Jessie Lee , Peter Le, Coda Filthy, Eli Lewis, Rod Peterson, Austin Keyes, Michael Cummings, Owen Michaels
Newfound Independence
Dinner Plans

Dinner Plans 10 Aug 2015

Bad Reputation

Bad Reputation 03 Aug 2015

Need a Drink

Need a Drink 27 Jul 2015

Feeling Sick

Feeling Sick 20 Jul 2015

Going for a Swim

Going for a Swim 13 Jul 2015

Workout Regime

Workout Regime 06 Jul 2015


Sniff 29 Jun 2015

Coda's Confession

Coda's Confession 23 Jun 2015

Midnight Snack

Midnight Snack 15 Jun 2015

Love Redefined

Love Redefined 08 Jun 2015

Performance Anxiety
Yellow Fever

Yellow Fever 25 May 2015

The New Couple

The New Couple 18 May 2015

Long Distance Lovers

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