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The Asiancy Season 8

In the Asiancy Season 8, we've assembled another handsome crew of Asian models and their friends for some Halloween Hornyness. First, Rico Romero gives Eli Lewis the Halloween treat he's been craving. Then, Santiago Figuroa comes to the door as a "trick" instead of a "treat." Turns he does have some candy after all though (a gigantic lollipop in his pants). Jessie Lee fucks Armond Rizzo on a very hot bathroom scene. Coda puts Andy Banks under his spell. Still horny, his next target is Jessie Lee and movie night becomes us making a movie of him getting fucked by Jessie! The season ends with a really hot fuck outdoors by the pool with Santiago Figueroa and Coda.

Release Date: 09 Oct 2014

Actors: Jessie Lee , Peter Le, Rick Maverick, Coda Filthy, Armond Rizzo, Eli Lewis, Santiago Figueroa, Rico Romero, Andy Banks