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Novella Season 6

Novella Season 6 starts with new models Aiden Wood and David Piazza getting ready for the opening day of their new BNB. Next, Dominic Steel interviews Santiago Figuroa for a job at the BNB, and finds that sometimes sex is the best way to get the job. When a guest arrives, he didn't expect hunky cleaning man Jessie Lee to arrive on the scene. Next, Dominic Pacifico gives his new guest Steven a very good reason to stay at the bnb. The season continues to show the ups and downs of running a bnb, with all kinds of hot sex along the way.

Release Date: 18 Jul 2016

Actors: Jessie Lee , Peter Le, Santiago Figueroa, Dominic Pacifico , Aiden Woods , David Plaza, Dominic Steel, Steven Walker, Isaac Lin
Extending My Stay

Extending My Stay 01 Nov 2016

Checking Out

Checking Out 25 Oct 2016

Wake Up Call

Wake Up Call 18 Oct 2016

Leave a Review

Leave a Review 10 Oct 2016

Local Culture

Local Culture 03 Oct 2016

Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program 26 Sep 2016

Disciplinary Action
Working Overtime

Working Overtime 12 Sep 2016

Lunch Break

Lunch Break 06 Sep 2016

Call Your Manager

Call Your Manager 29 Aug 2016

No Tip

No Tip 22 Aug 2016

Taste Test

Taste Test 16 Aug 2016

Cleaning Crew

Cleaning Crew 09 Aug 2016

Marketing Tactics

Marketing Tactics 02 Aug 2016

Customer Service

Customer Service 25 Jul 2016

Opening Day

Opening Day 18 Jul 2016

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