Sexy Rich Gaysians

Welcome to the kooky world of SEXY RICH GAYSIANS in and out of love and heat! PeterFever's first All-Asian romantic comedy is the story of Justyn, a nerdy LA student who comes to Las Vegas only to find that his boyfriend David is a mega-rich currency trader and possibly a slutty playboy. Justyn's gossipy friend in LA, Darryl, fills him in on the tabloid details. Then Darryl, after his $exxy massage with lunky hunk gay-for-pay masseur Bobo, decides to decamp for Vegas with Bobo to find out if Justyn is making a mistake getting involved with David. He sends Bobo to seduce David with a "happy ending" massage, which David enjoys but rebuffs any further advances and pays off the happy pro. Darryl give Justyn an erotic makeover in a bathhouse sling, David finds them and proposes, then Bobo joins in on an engagement party orgy and everyone lives rich and happy ever after. Cause that's how things work in Vegas, right?

Release Date: 15 Jan 2019

Actors: Alec Cruz, Axel Kane, Jessie Lee, John Rene