Here's a seXXXy superhero blockbuster that will blow your mind and stir up your nether regions! Our story begins when the evil alien genius Phallos (Damian X. Dragon) and his ruthless minion (Shen Powers) deliver an apocalyptic message of death and domination from their spaceship hovering over Earth. That message reaches the eyes and ears of the Gayvengers, a hardy band of superheroes that are the universe's last best hope against annihilation. Our heroes (Axel Kane, David Ace, Dominic Pacifico, Max Konnor and Sir Jet) use their wits and ever-ready sexual prowess to save the day. Rescuing a universe in danger is hard work, but these superstuds never lose their sense of humor -- or their hot carnal desires for each other! Don't miss this fun and spectacular epic that parodies your favorite recent big-screen superhero adventure!

Release Date: 30 Oct 2018

Actors: Axel Kane, Damian Dragon, Dominic Pacifico, David Ace, Max Konnor, Sir Jet, Shen Powers